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Resistance (part 1)

            Richard smiled happily. Kahlan had her arms around his neck drawing him in for yet another kiss. He parted his mouth eagerly welcoming her in. The taste of her weakened his core. He melted into her embrace as they sank to the floor as one. Their kisses quickened deepening by the second as their clothes were tossed to the side. He traced his mouth down her jaw line as he sank into her. Suddenly their eyes connected in a shock like pain. Then it happened, her eyes went black. His heart stopped as he felt his soul being drained from him in an instant, and then it was over. He was gone. No longer the person he was. Kahlan screamed in horror as she quickly turned them over looking down at him.

“Richard!?” she cried in a breaking whisper.

“Mistress?” The man responded ready to do whatever she asked of him.

“No Dear spirits Noo!!” her tears came instantly draining her vision.

“No mistress don’t cry, Please command me so that I may serve you.” He said in worry.

Kahlan let out a long cry releasing all the pain. After awhile she rose walking towards the pile of her things, in seconds she had the blade in her hand holding the tip to her heart.

“Mistress No! I’ll do anything you ask please don’t do that.” The man cried as he quickly crawled to her feet. Grasping his arms around her legs he looked up at her with tears streaming from his eyes.

Looking down at him another soft moaned cry escaped her. “We were wrong thinking your love for me would protect you, I don’t know how you weren’t confessed when I was under the Con-dar, all I know is killing myself is the only way to release you.” She said. Then in a swift movement she plunged the dagger into her heart causing her to fall to her knees next to him.

“Nooo” the man cried realizing his mistress would soon die.

“I love you Richard.” Kahlan said with her last breath before falling forward onto him.

Richard felt his soul reconnecting to his body in an instant, his life being sucked back into him. He felt the weight of someone on top of him. He blinked away the tears in his eyes, now fully regaining his senses he felt wetness on his face and chest. He realized he was naked and so was the woman laying on him. He flipped them over looking down at her. His breath caught in an instant. Beneath him, Kahlan laid unmoving, smothered in her blood.

Richard jolted up screaming in horror. Kahlan was at his side in an instant hugging his body to hers, pulling back she faced his head to her. “It was just a dream Richard. Its ok, it was just a dream.” She wiped away the tears at his eyes with her thumbs as she continued to calm him down with her words.

He looked into her eyes relieved she was alive, that it had all been just a dream.

She had her legs on both sides of him sitting lightly on his legs as she continued to caress his face and neck.

He pulled her into his embrace, hugging her tightly in his arms as though loosening his hold would return him to his nightmare. She hugged him back rubbing her hands up and down his back. He let his head fall in the crook of her neck releasing silent tears that soaked her neck. He continued holding her in the position until he felt drained, knowing he could cry no more.

“It’s alright Richard. Everything is ok now.” She said soothingly into his ear as she continued running her hands along his back and neck.

If only she were right he thought. He pulled back slowly looking into her eyes. His hands grasped around her neck and jaw caressing her soft skin. For a moment as he lost himself in her eyes he forgot everything, acting on impulse alone he pulled her neck down kissing her lips slow and desperately. As if stuck by lightning, everything came back to him in a rush. In the instant of realization he pushed away from her, quickly scooting back.

She fell onto her back, rising in shock she looked at him in panic.

“Richard what’s wrong!?” she said crawling towards him quickly in worry.

At seeing her approach, he rose quickly taking rapid steps away from her.

She stopped in realizing it was her he was running away from. Her worst fear was coming to life, He feared her. Tears quickly blurred her vision as she let out a soft moan, too devastated to cry out loud. Her arms went weak, causing her body to fall against the hard ground. She had no strength to pick herself back up. She let her tears flood out of her in defeat. Images of his face expression towards her imprinted itself on the inside of her eyelids forcing her eyes open as tears continued to fall uncontrollably without sound.

In the instant she fell to the ground he began to run back to her. Remembering the reason he had left her in the first place he forced himself to halt a few steps before her, fighting the urge to close the distance. He shut his eyes tightly in frustration. How was he going to explain his actions? If he told her the truth that he was feared his nightmare coming true, she’d be Heartbroken and assume he now doubted his love for her. Worse, he feared she might think he didn’t trust her enough to be with her. She would never come near him again. All he knew was that he couldn’t tell her and risk loosing her. Looking at her helpless body shaking on the floor he approached her knowing he could fight the urge no longer.

He fell to his knees pulling her by the arms up into his embrace. “I’m sorry Kahlan, I didn’t mean that.”

She attempted pushing him away but he kept his arms locked around her holding her to him. “Yes you did...” she managed to whisper meekly, “I saw the fear in your eyes Richard, you hate me…Please just let me go.” She cried.

“No, I can never hate you, I Love you. I’m sorry for what I did, I... I only did it because my mind replayed the nightmare I had, I was scared of that Kahlan, not you… please understand.” He said holding her head to his chest as he closed his eyes tightly praying to the spirits she wouldn’t make him explain.

Her heartbeat reached a normal level again, as she let her body fall into his embrace once more, feeling drained. She released a long sigh as her eyelids slowly fell, within seconds she was asleep.

Richard held her in his arms stroking her hair softly. Knowing she was asleep he carefully lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bed. Laying her down, he pulled her blanket on top of her and slowly leaned forward kissing her on the head. Pulling away he gazed at her flawless features taking in the sight of her. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, and he knew searching the entire world for someone that equaled her in her simplicity would be a failed mission. He smiled a sad smile remembering his dream, knowing as much as he loved her, she could never be his. He swallowed past the lump in his throat at the thought of her killing herself to save him. Leaving him alone in a world without him, a world he knew he had no chance of surviving in. Now it was him who had to keep them apart, for loosing her was simply not an option. He took a deep breath swallowing in resolution. Pulling his gaze off her, he laid down beside her making sure to keep some distance between them. Staring up at the stars, he whispered a silent prayer for him to have the strength to resist her, and that she wouldn’t find out what he was doing. With that, sleep overtook him.


            Kahlan awoke the next morning hoping to be in his embrace. Not feeling him, she reached her hand out hoping to feel his body close to her, like it had been yesterday. Though Cara and Zedd’s presence had kept them from devouring each other completely, they had still kissed for a long time before sleeping in each others embrace. Yesterday had been the second day after they had sealed the rift to the underworld. Since then Richard had been constantly stealing kisses from her when Zedd and Cara weren’t watching. At her disappointment she felt nothing. She assumed he had woken up early to catch them some breakfast but then she remembered. His nightmare from last night had sent him crawling away from her in fear. If only she knew what his nightmare was, but knowing Richard she knew he wouldn’t tell her.

She turned to her side lazily, trying to adjust her position. To her surprise she saw Richard. He was lying on his side out of arms length, facing away from her. He wasn’t even lying on the blankets. Instead he was on the grass. She wondered how he had ended up so far away. Then she saw him move a bit and decided to pretend to be asleep, hoping that if he woke he’d close the distance between them. She herd him move and waited, but still no physical contact like she had expected. After he settled, she opened her eyes a bit to see him. He now laid on his back with his eyes wide open. He was awake and knew he was so far away from her, but didn’t attempt in closing the distance. He still feared her, despite what he had said last night reassuring her that that wasn’t the case, here he was keeping his distance. Tears threatened to overcome her, but she held back not wanting to jump to conclusions until she was absolutely sure. She let out a yawn making it appear as though she was just now waking up. She opened her eyes looking at him. His eyes were now closed. He was pretending to be asleep just as she had. She stared at him a while not sure how to react, then she decided she would force him to tell her. She slowly lifted herself up crawling near him. She gently leaned forward resting her head on his shoulder, laying her arm loosely across his chest.


The spirits were not on his side. The feel of her was driving him insane with need. All he wanted to do was wrap his arm around her and pull her up to connect his lips with hers. Keeping his distance from her was not going to be easy, not that he had thought for a second it would, but feeling her against him now made him realize just how impossible it would be. He had laid awake most the night in fear of his dreams returning him to his nightmare, but now he feared his nightmare becoming reality. He had thought about it all night, when he was blind, and Kahlan was under the con-dar, she released her powers, but they had had no effect on him. Zedd himself said it was because their love was stronger then the magic, but what if they were all falling for Wizards first rule? Believing it because they wanted it to be true? What if there was another reason her power hadn’t worked and that if they were to consummate their love, he would be confessed? He knew without a doubt Kahlan would kill herself to return his life to him. He couldn’t let that happen, as much as he desired to be with her in that way, his desire to keep her alive stronger. So no matter what it took he had to resist her, he only wished he wouldn’t have to break her heart in the process.

As his thoughts continued roaming in his head, without being aware of it, he had wrapped his arms around her running his hands along her back and arms. Her head tilted upward looking into his eyes with her special smile, the smile that cleared all his thoughts, never leaving room in his mind for worry. He smiled a smile matching hers. She turned her head making sure they were the only ones awake. Turning back to him she swung her left leg over him settling herself atop him. Smiling down at him mischievously she leaned forward slowly causing her hair to cascade downwards around his face. Slow and deliberately she lightly brushed her lips against his waiting for his mouth to part welcoming her tongue. She felt his body stiffen beneath her.

He flipped her over, quickly rising to his knees next her. He leaned forward giving her a quick kiss on the head. “I’m going to go find us some breakfast before zedd wakes up.” He said with a fake smile rising. Grabbing his things, he quickly paced off into the woods before she could think of the right words to say in response.

Once out of sight, Richard fell to ground leaning against a tree to calm him down. He pulled his knees up against his chest, sinking his head into his knees, as he let out a long frustrates sigh. Though he was proud of himself for escaping before it was too late, He shuddered to think of how long he could keep it up. Sooner or later he knew she would find out.

Richard sat on the opposite side of Kahlan during breakfast trying to avoid any physical contact that would weaken his need to resist her. Making little eye contact with her, he ate his breakfast looking into his bowl to make it appear as though he were simply hungry. After breakfast he distracted himself by talking to zedd about his opinions about certain foods and recipes, a conversation he knew would last a while. He walked with zedd making sure to stay ahead of Kahlan and Cara who walked behind him. He turned back trying to see how far away they were, in that moment Kahlan’s eyes connected with his, he had to swallow back the lump in his throat quickly tearing his eyes away from hers. Looking back to zedd he tried his best to listen in on what he was talking about, “spice… flavored… good…” he thought he herd. His mind continually drifted to thoughts of Kahlan, but from what he did hear, zedd was still talking about food. He nodded pretending to understand, zedd turned to him with a grin. “So you agree?” he asked. “Yes I do.” He responded hoping it was true. Zedd’s grin grew wider as he slapped his hand on Richard’s shoulder “alright then go tell Kahlan if Martha gave her the recipe” Richard looked down thinking of an excuse… “I’ll tell her later.” He said once he could think of nothing else. “Just make sure it’s before dinner.” Zedd replied. Richard let out a sigh of relief, thankful Zedd let it go.

“What’s with Richard” Cara asked pulling Kahlan from her thoughts. “What do you mean?” she replied casually. Cara rolled her eyes frustrated she was going to have to explain what she knew Kahlan already knew. “Well for one thing he’s gone the whole morning without pulling you behind a tree.” Kahlan looked to the ground unsure of how to answer. Thinking of no excuse she decided to tell the truth. Looking up into Cara’s eyes she answered “He’s avoiding me.” Cara looked to her questioningly “why?” Kahlan swallowed hard hoping she wouldn’t cry, “last night he had a nightmare, he didn’t tell me

What happened but whatever it was its made him reconsider being with me.” She felt her cheeks burning by the tears glistening down her face. She wiped them away staring ahead. Cara’s hand caught her arm turning her back to face her, “Kahlan that’s absurd.” She stated as a fact. “It’s the truth.” Kahlan replied trying to put on her confessors face. “The truth how you see it.” Cara corrected, walking ahead quickening her pace. Kahlan ran to her grabbing her arm and turned her again. “What are you doing!?” Cara pulled her arm out of Kahlan’s grasp. “I’m going to prove you wrong.” She stated flatly. “No! Cara don’t! You can’t say anything. Please, lets just wait and see what happens.” Cara stared into her eyes considering for a moment, “fine, but your wrong.” She said in the same flat confident tone. Cara turned walking off, Kahlan quickly followed keeping up with the normal pace.


The day wore on long and miserably as Richard continually forced his thoughts away from Kahlan, with every failed attempt his anger grew, by nightfall he was furious. Kahlan hadn’t spoken much, especially not directly towards him. She seemed to be in deep thought all day, Richard wondered what she was thinking about, but feared he already knew. He had managed to catch a rabbit for their dinner and was glad to have had the distraction. Sitting on near the fire, he watched it as it cooked; rotating it around till it was all done. Zedd sat close by watching the rabbit the whole time, while Kahlan and Cara tended to the horses. His eyes shifted from the rabbit to her, He watched spellbound by her beauty as she gently stroked the horses with a graceful smile upon her lips. Captivated by the sight of her he hadn’t noticed when zedd got up, it was when Zedd’s face appeared in front of him, blocking his view of Kahlan he finally noticed.

“Are you deaf? You’re burning it!” he yelled quickly taking the rabbit away from the fire. Once the rabbit was safe from being completely burned he looked up to Richard. “What’s the matter with you!? You see her everyday, couldn’t you have at least finished the rabbit before you did your routinely activity of staring at Kahlan with that ridicules smile plastered on your face?” Zedd’s voice cased Kahlan and Cara to come in question to what the bickering was about. Richard’s eyes connected with Kahlan’s for a brief moment before he looked to the ground embarrassed. “Sorry zedd I wasn’t paying attention.” He said keeping his eyes remained on the floor. Richard rose pulling his bag along. Walking off to the side a bit he opened his bag laying his blanket down. All eyes stared at him.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” zedd asked with a worried tone.

Richard looked up noticing the three pairs of eyes on him, “No, I’m not hungry.” He said. His eyes roamed around connecting with Kahlan’s once more, his eyes lingered on hers a moment before he turned around and laid down facing away from them. The silence was pain.


Days went by like miserable years as they made their way to Aydendril. Finally 3 days passed and they reached their destination. He had miraculously managed to keep enough distance from her. There was an incident where he had accidently bumped in to her. He had apologized quickly unsure of how else to react, she smiled a small smile and simply said “its alright Richard” before continuing to walk. He had walked slowly behind her his heart still racing. He was glad to be in Aydendril now. He figured it would be easier to keep his mind off her if there were more people around to distract him. Crowded around by many people they were escorted inside. Everything was how he remembered it, as they had walked in they were quickly greeted by Denne, who insisted they had a proper meal as soon as possible. Zedd agreed quickly. They were taken into the dining hall, filled with food on the table. Taking their seats they began to eat. Moments within their meal, a man walked in pacing towards Kahlan. Richard instinctively drew the sword stopping the man in his tracks. Kahlan came to his side, putting her hand over his on the sword stopping him.

“It’s alright Richard. He’s not a threat.” She said lowering his sword.

“Who is he?” he asked keeping his eyes on the blond headed, hazel eyed, medium sized man standing before them.

“He’s a man I’ve confessed.” she answered.

He withdrew his sword sliding it back in its scabbard.

The man no-longer threatened continued toward Kahlan falling to his knees before her.

“It’s so good to see you again mistress.” He said smiling wide with delight, as he pulled her hands to his lips kissing them.

Kahlan pulled her hands away uncomfortable with the situation. “That’s enough Ryan… you may get up and join us for dinner.

He quickly came to his feet. “Yes mistress.” He said happy to have been invited by her.

Kahlan took her seat across from Richard. Ryan followed sitting on the seat next to her still staring at her with an excitedly happy smile.

With difficulty Richard sat back down trying to ignore looking at Ryan’s irritating smile. He stared down into his food questioning why he was getting so angry. The men Kahlan confessed never bothered him before. He was use to seeing men stare at her the way he stared at her everyday. Yet he couldn’t help but hate Ryan.

Everyone began talking again, “how’s the baby?” Kahlan asked her sister with a smile.

“he’s doing great, he’s learned to walk now, but he’s asleep at the moment, after dinner I’ll take you to his room” Denne replied smiling a smile equal to Kahlan’s in happiness. “What about you?” she continued, “How’s everything been for you guys after saving the world again?” she said with a smile as she looked around to hear everyone’s response.

“We’ve been ok” Kahlan said somewhat flatly averting her eyes.

Denne raised an eyebrow unconvinced, but decided to let it go, instead she turned to Richard. Unsure of what to say he nodded with a smile implying an agreement to what Kahlan said.

The room went silent. Zedd let out a loud sound of delight causing everyone to turn to him as he ate quickly. Lifting his eyes to theirs he pretended like he hadn’t noticed “It’s been a while since I’ve ate food that tasted this good.” He said in explanation.

Everyone smiled rolling their eyes at his behavior. Ryan looked down noticing Kahlan’s plate half empty. He shot to his feet quickly “let me get you more he said reaching towards her plate. She brought her hand to his stopping him. “That quite alright I’m full, thank you.” She said a bit annoyed but still smiled. Kahlan stood up with a yawn. “If it’s alright with you guys I think I’m going to head off to bed now I’m a bit tired.” She said starting to turn toward the door. Ryan quickly took hold of her arm turning her around.

“Would you like me to join you?” he asked as more of a plead then a question.

Kahlan looked at him up and down, the sight of it made Richard almost choke with shock. “Sure why not.” She said with a smile, as she continued walking out the door with Ryan at her heels.

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She is NOT really taking that Ryan guy to her bedroom with her. Is she? She better not! Richard needs to quit being thick in the head and realize that it was nothing more than a bad dream and he and Kahlan were meant to be together.


OMG WHAT?!? I can't believe you cut it off there! haha That is so sad! She can't do that because she is supposed to take Richard back to her big bed that she always talks about remember?!? This is really good! I can't wait to see what happens! <3


Kahlan is not really take that Ryan guy up to her room
is she? She better Not..Richard need to Stop Being Stupid
just because of a silly dream

Man up Richard and talk to Kahlan already

Omg A11kat you neeed to update like Now LOL
i sooo can't wait to see what happends..

ps.Did i tell you i Love it already =D

This is redwingfan19 on twitter

I love the story so far. Just don't like Ryan and I am mad at Richard. you love her she loves you, you won't get confessed. I see some spelling errors. But you wrote a great story. Can't read the 2nd half

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